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Ultrasound Technicians Provide Valuable Service

Because of its many advancement, ultrasound technology is used in a number of ways to help health practitioners make more accurate diagnosis of patents’ different medical conditions. However, the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology will always be its number one and most common usage. Whether they are in hospitals, imaging centers, or physician’s office, ultrasound technicians will remain to be very much in demand as long as there are pregnant women. The ultrasound technician salary and benefits package will, as a result, always be very competitive.

Physicians need all the help they can get in order to provide optimal prenatal care. The use of ultrasound, in this regards, to provide accurate basis for diagnoses and evaluations will be very much needed. Highly qualified ultrasound technicians will be there to provide accurate ultrasound images.

Physicians can give the pregnancy’s estimated date of delivery based on when the mother found out she was pregnant in conjunction with the date of the mother’s last menstrual period. However, with ultrasound, this estimate can be more accurately given by measuring the size of the fetus.

Physicians also use a different device to listen to the baby’s heartbeat inside its mother’s womb. Although these are fairly accurate devices, ultrasound can also be used in cases when physicians want to have a more accurate reading regarding the baby’s heartbeat. This is usually done when physicians may have detected an abnormality or she wants to make sure of anything. Birth defects or impending miscarriage can be accurately diagnoses with this technology.

In cases like these, highly qualified ultrasound technicians are very much preferred in order to not give false information based on the ultrasound image the technician created. These technicians play important roles in prenatal care and their abilities to make highly accurate images are highly valued. This is reflected in the often high ultrasound technician salary most of these technicians receive.

The latest development in ultrasound technology that is used in obstetrics and gynaecology is 4D ultrasound imaging. Where as in 2D imaging, you can see the fetus in a two dimensional image, 4D will give the parents and the physicians a more realistic representation of the fetus. They will not only see the fetus in three dimensional, they will also see it move. Technicians are needed to be proficient in the use of this new technology in order to take advantage of it many benefits. The ultrasound technician salary range of those that are able to perform 4D imaging can be potentially better than those that are able to use the more conventional ultrasound machines.

 December 20th, 2011  
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How I Raised my X-ray Technician Salary

Ten years is the total number of years that I have been in the radiology department of St. Augustine Hospital. I have never thought that being an X-ray technician would be tremendously big in the future. I remember when I was a fresh high school graduate that I want to be a doctor. My parents cannot afford medical school but they can afford to send me to college it’s just that they cannot afford to let me be a physician. I was broken hearted when they told me I cannot be a doctor because they cannot afford it. They told me to be a nurse instead but I don’t really want to be a nurse.

It took me a year to get over of the pain I have endured because my dreams of being a doctor was shattered. During the first year of being out of school I was just at home wasting my time on the Internet. That is when I discovered I have the passion for radiology technology. I started to be intrigued by how radiographers study and diagnose an X-ray image. I got fond of reading books related to radiology and checking websites for x-ray images of different types. After a year of exploring the wonders of radiology technology I have decided that I wanted to be a radiographer.

I never really cared to know about how much an x-ray technician salary would be like because all I care is to satisfy my fascination with x-ray images. I studied for four years and earned a bachelor’s degree. I was so excited in working as an x-ray technician that is why I didn’t waste any time and took the licensing exams as soon as possible. I guess I was really passionate about radiology which is why I passed the exams with flying colors. I got a job in a hospital very near my parents’ house and after two years I got pirated by a bigger health institution. I can say that in the first two years of my career I never really mind of how much I’m making with my x-ray technician salary. All I did was do cross training so I can specialize in different kinds of X-ray imaging. Believe it or not I did not intend to gain my specialization just to raise my x-ray technician salary. I did it because I want to learn and I want to explore everything about my career.

It’s been ten years and I still love my job and I’m earning hefty x-ray technician salary all because I’m the jack of all trades. I guess when you found your passion, you just have to pursue it and you will never go wrong. When you love what you do at work you really can’t feel you are working and that is what I love about my life now.

 June 7th, 2011  
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Dental Hygienist Salary Rivals Dentist’s Salary?

There’s a growing trend that has made a number of dentists quite concerned. This has something to do with how a growing number of employers are no longer offering dental coverage as part of their benefits package to employees. Because of this, dentists have to run their practice in a different way to cope with the loss of some of their prospective patients. The solution is to see as many patients as possible without sacrificing the quality of the services. It’s a constant balancing act between quantity and quality.

Since hiring other dentists to help them see patients is economically not feasible, hiring dental hygienists and assistants is the way to go. Dental hygienists have undergone the necessary training in order to free up the dentists by performing some of the tasks that the dentists are doing. By doing so, the dentist can see other patients and perform dental procedures on them that the hygienist is not trained to perform. The value of the practice will increase because of this set up which means good news for both the dentist and the hygienist. The dentist will be able to offer higher dental hygienist salary because of the value the hygienist brings to the table.

Knowing your value to the practice is a good way to help you in the event that you decide to ask for a higher dental hygienist salary. You can determine this by knowing how many patients you were able to see in a given period. Most likely, your employer knows this too, which is why it shouldn’t be that hard to ask for one, especially if you really deserve it.

It also helps if you know the salary of other dental hygienists in your area or the salary of other occupations with the same level of training and experience. It will seem unreasonable if you will price yourself too high even though you may indeed deserve a raise, but not at the amount you’re asking for. If you think you’re employer’s practice couldn’t afford to give you the dental assistant salary you want, you can work out with your employer and ask for additional benefits instead, other than money. This can include additional paid vacation days or other benefits like dental and medical benefits.

In today’s economy, it isn’t such a bad idea to ask for a raise of you think you deserve it. After all, you are helping to grow the dentist’s practice by doing your job well. And that’s the bottom line. Do your job well and career growth and advancement will come along in due time.

 May 23rd, 2011  
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Success On a Medical Assistant Salary

There are many ways to measure success in any field. The most common barometer though, is a combination of the salary and benefits one have, and the job satisfaction he has with his work. In the field of medical assisting, achieving success in not just possible, it is also reasonably easy if you know how to do it.

If you love helping people and are a natural caregiver, job satisfaction will be easy as a medical assistant. The bulk of your tasks and responsibilities, no matter in what job setting you’re employed in, will most certainly involve helping people in need of various medical services. As a medical assistant, you will be most likely assigned to address such needs if it falls within the tasks you trained for.

Achieving a good medical assistant salary is relatively easy too. You need to have the right qualifications, which include your training level, a certification of registration, and having a high enough work experience if possible. Working for the right type of employer that has the capability to offer you higher medical assistant salary will certainly help.

Aside from these things, though, there are small things that you need to be aware of that will help you a lot in achieving success in this field. One of the things you need to remember always is to watch and learn anything. Be observant. There are certainly a lot of things that you can pick up and learn even though you may have already learned a lot of things during your medical assisting training program. It can be as simple as watching how your co-workers deal with the patients. Different health practitioners may have their own style on how to run their practice and you need to learn this every time you’re in a new work setting. No mater how experienced you already are, there are still things you need to learn. Accept criticisms because only through that, you will be able to correct your shortcomings if you deem these criticisms to be fair.

If you’re not sure about a particular task, ask questions. Asking questions is so much better than committing a mistake. Take notes so you will not forget the things you’ve just learned. Your employer or your colleagues will most likely be willing to teach you the things you don’t know because nobody wants to see mistakes or errors especially when dealing with patients.

There are so many things you can do to achieve success in this field of medical assisting. No matter how you measures success, may it be by the amount of medical assistant salary or through other standards, you will have this opportunity if you are a highly qualified medical assistant.

 May 23rd, 2011  
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A Need For National Pharmacy Technician Certification

Three years ago, a case involving the newborn twins of actor Dennis Quaid highlighted the need to enforce a requirement for pharmacy technician certification nationwide. The error came from a technician’s mistake of giving the children medication dosage that was a thousand times higher than what’s prescribed. Investigation of that particular case proved that it was indeed the pharmacy technician that erroneously prepared the prescription. But everyone is in fact held responsible because they should have checked the accuracy of the medication before it was given to the patients. Well trained and capable pharmacy technicians should not have too much trouble with these medication errors. Their training should be followed by the acquisition of their pharmacy technician certification.

More and more news about pharmacy technicians jeopardizing their job have been reported which is why The National Pharmacy Technician Association is aiming for making pharmacy technician certification a prerequisite before getting a job. Despite the news of pharmacy technician’s malpractice there are still a lot of States who don’t care if the pharmacies in their jurisdiction are employing certified pharmacy technicians. The National Pharmacy Technician Association is aiming to restructure the training program for pharmacy technician to avoid unwanted incident to happen again. Complicated tasks are now being given to pharmacy technicians. It’s hard for technicians with insufficient training to be able to carry out these responsibilities well, which is a bad thing for customers that expect only the best.

There are many pharmacy technician training programs these days that you can sign up for in preparation for the exam. They are offered by community colleges, vocational schools, and online courses. After completing the training program and passing the pharmacy technician certification exam, you’ll be more that ready to work in a pharmacy. There have been proven links between the reductions of the risk of committing medication errors with technicians being certified.

A good training will not just prepare students for their pharmacy technician certification; this will also mold them to be the best in their work. This includes learning to use computers and other instruments that she’ll be using inside the pharmacy. Of course, classes in general anatomy and physiology should also be included. Basic mathematics that teaches pharmacy calculations which is a major skill needed to properly dispense prescriptions to students should also be part of the curriculum. Requirements to be able to sign up for any one of these training programs vary, but the common requirement is a high school diploma.

Florida is now applying the “certification first before working” rule on all pharmacy technicians. The reason behind this is a pharmacy technician cannot work unless he or she has acquired everything the law requires. This will ensure the increased patient safety standards because the technicians have met those key requirements. There are still a lot of unregistered pharmacy technicians in Florida; if they wish to work then they will need to get themselves registered with the pharmacy board. Having the same law as Florida will keep the consumer safe and sound, hopefully other states will apply the same law.

 December 12th, 2010  
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My Baby Boy

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