10 beautiful soundtracks from 10 beautiful movies

The Notebook The Lake – Aaron Zigman Forrest Gump Im Forrest, Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri The Cider House Rules Main titles – Rachel Portman Chocolat Main Titles – Rachel Portman Romeo & Juliet A time for us – Nino Rota Pirates of the Caribbean One Day – Hans Zimmer Braveheart (couldnt find the name so: www.youtube.com ) – James Horner Tuck Everlasting Theme song – William Ross Legends of the Fall The Ludlows – James Horner Titanic The Portrait – James Horner

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  1. great selection, tho i am a bit hurt that there is no track from my favorite soundtrack? composer – ennio morricone

  2. Elcollpohorrible

    Nothing from? lord of the rings?!

  3. petitpiedfrancis

    sweet NAAPDADA LOVE TO ALL PAVITRA KUMARYA Celui Qui recu une bénédiction du Seigneur la DE L UNIVERS SHIVA d etre un ange Qui se Transforme en EMPEREUR DU? MONDE et privée Qui HNE habillé en blanc Tout simplementn proposons de Restaurer l ‘EMPIRE de la virginité DANS Le Monde with paix et? vérité. L AME IMMORTELLE HNE.
    DENVENIR EN EMPEREUR; CE n HNE Pas Comme aller chez sa tante.
    vive la virginité vive l EMPEREUR DU MONDE


  5. i love movie chocolate,forest gump,pirates of the caribbien

  6. n1disneyprincessfan

    notebook and titanic best? ones!!!

  7. 3:30 – best moment of my? life <3

  8. Gladiator and Somewhere in? Time are missing.

  9. NekrosisPolykastro


  10. and? GLADIATOR!!!

  11. I lack a theme from The Last? Mohycan – Randy Edelman.

  12. ImTellingOnYoo

    “Song for Bob” from The Assassination of? Jesse James deserves a mention. Goes with the ending of the film perfectly.

  13. or GLADIATOR? !

  14. the forrest gump theme? nearly makes me cry when i hear it

  15. Missing is the soundtrack from Pearl Harbor, “And Then? I Kissed Him” by Hans Zimmer.

    Who thinks so too paw up!

  16. Como el? hoyo tu selección.

  17. And she? barked all over the carpet. lol

  18. BeverleeCouillard

    Movie sound? tracks give us some of the most beautiful music ever…thanks for this. Legends Of The Fall being one of my all-time favorits.

  19. I? agree on each and every one :)

  20. no? Clint Mansell?.. then not a good list.

  21. THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVOURITE !!! Titanic, my favourite movie ever ??

  22. no platton, we were soilders, short circuit 2, lord of the? rings or even jurassic park, some great tracks their

  23. no Lord of the? Rings?

  24. donottawaguitar


  25. u really should watch Jesse James, with Casey Affleck and Brad Pitt. Music in this movie is incredible.?

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