2011/12 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Canada/USA)

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, coming to a location near you. For dates, locations, and a list of films on tour, please visit www.banffcentre.ca

25 Responses to 2011/12 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Canada/USA)

  1. Going to the BANFF? tonight!! :D

  2. SamSiebieTworzysz

    stop waiting for things to happen just go out and make them happen!!! eh? seriously our life is too short to not to do what we love!!!

  3. @lilybunny5 Our next? Chicago screening will be April 11, 2012 at The Field Museum.

  4. @joelavery709 We don’t own the home viewing rights to the films you see on tour, but you can link to filmmaker and distributor websites from ours. Please check the FAQ on our website or write to worldtourinfo@banffcentre.ca for? more info.

  5. @TorchError
    Complaining about $16? Really guy? ? Really? Tickets are $20+ here in DC and they sold out immediately. I’m quite sure if you don’t want to spend $16 they will have no problem filling the seats with those who do.

  6. this is so beautiful there must be a film? festival in Chicago please?

  7. AdventureLogistics

    @AdventureLogistics? That’s @MountainFilmInc on Twitter…

  8. AdventureLogistics

    Playing in Calgary right now… mountainfilm.ca or @MountainFilmInc for deets.?

  9. I hate my? desk job right now…..

  10. Once BMFF Tour is over, how/where can we view? these amazing films? Can TBC and the film makers arrange something though Netflix, Vimeo, et al?

  11. The number of adds makes me sick. and now the 16$? ticket price at my local cinema… really guys? really?

  12. Hi jeclose, We’d love to hear more information about those concerns. Please write to us at worldtourinfo@banffcentre.ca for a detailed response from the world tour team. We do acknowledge tour sponsors in our trailer. However, when you? see sponsor recognition in the films themselves, it’s from companies who support the work of indedepent athletes and filmmakers, not the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

  13. not only does my life suck, but now i feel fat and? out of shape. DAMN IT

  14. Here’s what’s wrong with the Banff Mountain Film Festival these days, from someone who has been in on it for 17 years: Instead of uninterrupted films, what you get is an almost-uninterrupted series of corporate commercials, one after another. ? While I recognize it takes money to run the World Tour, it seems like MONEY has become Job #1, instead of viewer enjoyment. The introductory trailer says it all – count how many “sponsors” there are now at least half-a-dozen commercial pitches. Ughh.

  15. Yeah what a slap in the face? to get out and LIVE !!!

  16. Been going for awhile.? 2010 was great. 2011 was ok. Hope 2012 tops both.

  17. TrumpetCallofGodLT

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  18. Doing just? one of these things is probably the best drug in the world

  19. For the guys saying “my life sucks” after watching this, why the hell aren’t you doing anything to change that? More action, less talking.?

  20. Can anyone tell me why the fuck? am I inside?

  21. sickest parts: are a toss up between :35, 43,? and 1:36.

  22. ?????????? ?????. ??? ??? ???????????.

  23. going to be friggin epic…..?

  24. Bestial? mui buen video…….

  25. Mt Baker Theater? Nov. 29 Bellingham CANNOT WAIT!!!

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