4 Directors’ Thoughts on 3-D Movies

4 Directors: Ti West The House of the Devil, Neil Marshall Centurion & Dog Soldiers, Robert Rodriguez Predators and Ruben Fleisher Zombieland. give their thoughts on 3-D and the f

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  1. I think that the movie theaters should only charge you for the glasses only if you don’t have a pair. Because I am pretty sure anyone that has seen a “real 3 D” movie have kept a pair of those glasses and not recycled.

  2. Some reviewers here have stated that this movie isn’t realistic. Have these people ever been to a Cinema before? NO MOVIE IS REALISTIC. They are all written to be over-the-top because that’s what makes them entertaining. So if you wanna get entertained enjoy 4 Directors’ Thoughts on 3-D Movies on this great site : qu2ickfr2eemo2vie . 2 ( Get rid of the 2 2 )

  3. Fleischer claiming its not gimmicky….right, so the thing that was a gimmick 10 years ago isn’t gimmicky now? bullshit, its still a gimmick and people still pay 20 dollars to get ripped.

  4. tara your hair is way to red for you to be out in the sun like that! cover up girl or later on your gunna look ooooold! ps mermaid makeup looked nice…..

  5. @SiPaQ They’re not charging for the glasses, they’re charging for the equipment they had to purchase to show 3D films. If you keep the glasses and walk into a new 3D movie for them, you’re still paying the full price. The glasses are (relatively) cheap. The equipment used is not. This was a big investment by the theatres for showing the movies — just like ticket prices went up when the movie theatres shifted to surround-sound and Dolby Stereo and all that nice stuff.

  6. @StraightShooter01 It is a little more than that. It also helps curtail piracy, since most people don’t have the means to view 3D movies at home, and you can’t download it to watch on your computer. A good way to combat pirate movies.

  7. 3D is annoying as hell… please stop charging me for those stupid glasses…

  8. Haha. I love the ending!

  9. StraightShooter01

    its PURE GIMMCKRY – but if idiots will continue to shell out cash to see it – cant blame em – more power to em

  10. MachoTacoNacho


  11. Maven, you’re so hot!!!

  12. It seems to me that 3D is more likely to be abused by greedy studios for higher ticket prices than cinematic effect, gimmick or otherwise. However, if I could put on the glasses and actually get the full 3D effect, I might have a more relevant opinion on it. (Stupid lazy eye…)

  13. absentmindedprof

    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss twenty bucks goodbye!

  14. Tara, 3D isn’t what I use to “enhance the experience.”
    But you know that already, don’t you?
    I’ll see you tonight down on the pier.

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