Best of Movies 2011 – Official trailers

watch the official trailers of the upcoming movies you got to watch in the next couple of months…… Subscribe for more and I will keep you guys updated…… Join me on Facebook …. and share your ideas about new movies. The movie trailers 2011 in this video are Cars 2, Cowboys and Aliens, The Smurfs movie, Thor, DAM999, Red riding hood, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Green lantern, Kungfu Panda 2, Tree of life, Transformers 3, x-men first class, battle of Los Angeles…..

25 Responses to Best of Movies 2011 – Official trailers

  1. aliens in wild? west?

  2. @cameronvw was good? compared to the rest

  3. Immortals ! :P Best? movie

  4. 0:55 I liked this movie? but then I? took an arrow in knee!

  5. OMG. stop spaming me, i don’t care your opinions, so shut the fuck up!!! :|?

  6. harry? potter!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  7. where is breaking Dawn?

  8. why didn’t Harry? Potter come

  9. @TheHotMatch i fuckin? love lasagna! >:O

  10. @TheHotMatch hes right your a? bitch if you think that movie was good. Dumbass

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  12. @cameronvw@thehotmatch both of? you are pieces of shit shut the fuck up!!!!!!!

  13. @Wickedzboy idk, but tell? me from when dogs can write?

  14. @TheHotMatch How the fuck can? the top comments be controversial?

  15. only good movie here was thor i havent seen the others but thats tthe reason its a? bad list

  16. green lantern must be shit if it has that shity? actor

  17. your existence is the worst piece of shit? of? all time.. better you kill yourself

  18. @TheHotMatch you’re existence is the worst piece of shit of all time.. better? you kill yourself

  19. omfg i have? seen 97% if all those movies o.O wtf shuld i do?

  20. @Ren18951 NOOO?

  21. @Bratza100 sucker punch sucks?

  22. Respond to? this video… are you kidding?

  23. Respond to this video… ? are you kidding?haha

  24. @butt1016 Are you kidding?haha?

  25. @butt1016 spam. are you kidding?? LOL

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