Christmas Traditions Around the World : Italian Christmas Traditions

Italian Christmas traditions involve many unique holiday activities. Learn more about the Christmas traditions in Italy with this free holiday video. Expert: Karina Fraley Contact: Bio: Karina Fraley is the official mom for leading parenting site, She is working on a crafting book for kids and a documentary of food allergies. Filmmaker: Karina Fraley

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  1. ThisBitchBites99

    Every familey is different u can’t just stereotype everything . Jeez!

  2. i am italian and nothing of what she said is true.

  3. mediterranea1983

    we open our presents at midnight, and then on the 6 of january we wake up and find a stocking full of sweets and chocolates and maybe a little present. This girl doesnt know anything about traditions, next time study a bit more or search on the internet.

  4. Quando io ero piccina, era la befana a portarmi i regali e la calza con le caramelle mentre adesso i regali si scambiano il giorno di Natale…questo dimostra che con le nuove generazioni, anche la nostra tradizione natalizia cambia un po’.

  5. ChristmasLoverItalia

    Come minimo non sa nemmeno dove è l’Italia.

    maybe she doesn’t even know what Italy is.
    6th Jan? LOOOOL
    Night of 24th Dec we wait til midnight to open presents. Morning of 6th Jan we wake up, go somewhere in the house and take the sock full of candies and that’s the Befana’s Day.

  7. AGAIN you got everything wrong just like you did with the French Christmas!! Never heard so much rubbish in my life. Get your facts right instead of talking nonsense and somebody who speaks better English would be a bonus.

  8. °__°’ WTF!!!
    In Italy we open our presents after the midnight of 24th (called “vigilia di natale”)or on 25th morning, depending on local tradition.
    we usually eat A LOT of food, for 24th Dec dinner and also for 25th lunch. sadly childrens don’t usually sings Christmas carrols around the city.
    the girl in this video is speaking of another tradition in Italy!not Christmas!!
    the 6th of Jen we open our “stokings” gifted from a “witch” called Befana, that are usually full of candies only.

  9. children have to wait until 6th Jan to open the gift?????? there’s a witch??? la befana era lei!!!!!

  10. Hi, I’m italian, do you need some italian christmas songs?? Here the most famous: Astro del ciel (silent night), Tu scendi dalle stelle, Bianco natale, O è natale tutti i giorni (More than words).

  11. hi, well i need something, i have a project on my school and my friend is looking for something abot chritsmas of italy and he found it and i need to found the song of Italy christmas, well thank you guys. and please answer me this is for monday

  12. Neither ONE of those things is true. Completely false.

  13. argentinianfilms

    non so, ma questa donna ha fatto altro video with the same bullshits about Argentina, whare the hell is she from? US?

  14. What the hell she is saying, never heard so much bullshits…ma che cazzo stai a di?

  15. ma che cazzo stai a di’?

  16. Have you ever been in Italy???

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