Diwali – Festival of Lights

In India, one of the most significant festivals is Diwali, or the Festival of Lights. It’s a fiveday celebration that includes good food, fireworks, colored sand, and special candles and lamps.

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  1. Pindiproli Naveen


  2. Pindiproli Naveen


  3. Pindiproli Naveen


  4. Pindiproli Naveen


  5. maiyukinaoitututueee


  6. cool india? :)

  7. mee too………….? :)

  8. Samson had lots of power which came from his long blond hair (7 chakra) but then he had sex with Delilah who “cut his hair off” so he lost his power. The eastern enlightnment system teaches us that if we are fully enlightened, we shouldn`t have sex (live like a monk) cuz you have to? bring the kundalini up…if you have sex all the energy goes down again. This is what happened to Samson – but his “blond hair grew back again” so the power came back. Jesus also gives hidden advices. Thats a fact.

  9. and i just wrote christian in first place cuz i was raised as a christian…this are my roots, but i don`t believe in the – Jesus is the one and only true god-religion theory – cuz it is a matter of fact that he incarnated in a place where they had a one-god-theory going on and he couldn`t teach everything. There are many hidden storys about the eastern enlightnement system in the bible (the nimbus, samson & delilah). So the bible is not? the only truth out there – it only has fragments of truth.

  10. no you just got me totally wrong. In Hinduism there are many gods but it`s all the same Brahman existing as different gods so ppl can imagine his power. Buddhism came from Hinduism which in a way got too difficult, so Buddhists just focused on the virtue ethics + the technique to get enlightenment. Jesus just focused on virtue ethics and was enlightened, but the writers of the bible are narrow minded and don`t teach? you how to get the “real” enlightenment so this religion alone is not enough.

  11. you don’t need to say you are christian,you want people read christian and you want that word getting in their minds,is all subliminal :) i am like a psychologist,i know it,i see how in many hindu videos,christians and muslims write “oh i love hinduism but i am muslim? or christian” the last part isn’t necessary

  12. What is the background music at the beginning of the video, it is so? beautiful ?!

  13. india is? the best

  14. StephenKingFanRyan

    My friend is? Indian and he dose Diwali and it fun but I don’t celebrate it

  15. Paki’s?

  16. I’m writing a story about Diwali for my? English…..

  17. I am Christian but Hinduism? and Buddhism are same virtue ethics, so i crossed these 3 religions to get the maximum of spirit ;)

  18. Very informative. ? My pupils enjoyed it. Thanks.

  19. I also want a? Sari :(

  20. I want to go to india and experience diwali festival and buy silk material, jewelry and get mindhi or mindi? ….artwork all? over my hands and arms.

  21. i was wondering that :
    why the flyover scene or the metro part was cut off from the video and insteaad of the first class celebrations of kolkata the low class celebrations were shown & there were sabjji k thele instead of the relince freshes…….. & particularly brown indians were shooted.

    then i saw ‘posted by national geographic’? and i got all my answers

  22. i remember when we were? kids there was no timelimit….and me my siblings and cousins will sleep tight in the afternoon so that we can do firecrakers whole night..and..our fireworks were the best..

  23. I went to Goa,? great place

  24. …..you need to accept? other religions dude!….I’m nt a hindu but i am a catholic and i do accept them in my life….so don’t use the name of the Lord against them!

  25. …I ‘m a Roman Catholic and I love? India! Hinduism is awesome!…..full of life!

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