Drummer Festival 2009- Lamb of god Hourglass + nygstdf ..HD

Hourglass + Now you got something to die for Demonstration/clinic by chris alder and his brother www.facebook.com make a like (if you like ;)

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  1. Where’s the “I love it” button ??

  2. 5:24 bouncy bouncy :D
    Damn he’s? a good drummer!

  3. yes yes Lamb Of God ? yes yu areeeeeeee

  4. TreverUndeadXpdX

    @jonneES99 Right now he’s playing with no music, only by memory. I would love to see you’re great drummer friends play with no music only playing with guitar..post a video? They must be really really good since you claim they’re better than Chris Adler. Chris Adler may not be the best but he is good, you don’t win drum competitions? from sucking buddy :)

  5. co? za asy


  7. Im sooo? baked!!!! HahahahahahaAaaaa

  8. @jonneES99 I agree that a lot of his stuff isn’t incredibly hard to play on drums, but I guess you don’t understand that? his drumming fits the music perfectly. He also writes the drum parts so I’d like to see your friends come up with drumming that fits LoG’s drumming better than Chris Adler’s.

  9. what heads is he using on? his toms?

  10. Comment below mine is quite funny.lol.Maybe you should ask your friend to try out for LoG if they play better than chris.If i was in LoG i would kick Chris out? and get your friend in since hes better than THE CHRIS ADLER.
    Either way,im not sure with his pee brain he would even understand the obvious sarcasm

  11. @monsterX28 Amen to that.?

  12. Chris Adler’s drumming sounds good merely on? the studio albums where every stroke is placed to right position. His live playing is not professional.. Couple of my friends play better than him. Well, what I try to say is that Chris is the most overrated drummer in the world. He’s good musician and plays in a good metal band but claiming that “Chris Adler is the best drummer in the world” is bullshit or lack of knowledge. :)

  13. I hope i? can drum’s like this

  14. 5:26? in his head “DIE! Little Snare!! DIE!”

  15. @FeFFeSundqvist It’s? gonna be awesome!

  16. u are? my fan

  17. u? rock

  18. love the? meinl cymbals

  19. @FeFFeSundqvist FUCK YEAAAAH <333333333333?

  20. LAMB? OF GOD @ METALTOWN 2012 <<3333333

  21. UNA ? MAKINA!!

  22. Poor splash? at 1:47…

  23. Chris Adler is amazing and very hard? working drummer. He lives and breaths metal and he inspires me and is one of my idols and favorite drummers of all time !

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