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Eagle Homes – Locate The Finest Eagle Homes For Sale

pahousequest.com Are you interested in any of the Eagle homes for sale? Have you been wondering about the community of Eagle? Eagle is a very small community about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia. The city center directly intersects with the PA 100 highway so there is quick access to the surrounding communities for shopping needs or just a night out on the town. Eagle homes and neighborhoods are known for their surrounding greenery and small community atmosphere that has been around for a number of years. This atmosphere gives those living in Eagle homes a sense of community and closeness that you’d be hard to find anywhere else. Eagle homes are known for their many varying styles and structures. Most Eagle homes are single family homes which come in Colonial or custom built styles. Each home is surrounded by a large amount of land which provide for great front and back yard space. Features inside an Eagle home can vary from huge spacious family rooms to cozy dens and bedrooms. Plenty of the Eagle homes come equipped with fireplaces which serve as a great heating source during the winter months. Eagle Home Prices Eagle real estate has not experienced the drastic decline in listing prices and home values as the surrounding areas have experienced. The median Eagle home price for a single family home is around $389500 which is very similar to what it was about a year ago. Listing prices for Eagle homes can vary in price from as low as $200000 to a high asking price of

 June 2nd, 2012  
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