Hitchcock 2013 & BBC’s The Girl – Top Ten Alfred Hitchcock Movies : Beyond The Trailer

Hitchcock 2013 and The Girl 2012 return the spotlight to Alfred Hitchcock! While Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones will seek to portray this famous director, Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you her top ten list of Alfred Hitchcock films! Where do Rope, Rebecca, Strangers on a Train, The Birds, Psycho, Vertigo, Shadow of a Doubt, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rear Window and North by Northwest stand on the list? And what are your favorite Alfred Hitchcock films? Enjoy this spotlight on Alfred Hitchcock’s top ten films before seeing Hitchcock in 2013 or The Girl on the BBC in 2012! Beyond The Trailer is associated with YouTube Next Lab.

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  2. who is this stupid woman anyway? just some dyke who enjoys wasting her time shitting all? over hitchcock films….u suck!

  3. this chick is retarded!? how can any movie fan hate vertigo or north by northwest? lol and i hate the homosexual crap about Rope…. this woman just needs to go watch rope and hang herself and stop judging masterpieces!

  4. youtube.com/watch?v=QgBIligKvB8?

  5. wilkinson gonzalez

    I-I-I.. i? love that shirt!!

  6. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen Rear Window!! The first chance I had to see it, Vertigo and The Birds (which I watched in succession) were still etched in my brain, which I found deeply unsettling? at the time. Haven’t gotten around to it since.

  7. EricVierthaler92

    I’ve only? seen psycho and the birds. Both good movies

  8. rachellenikodem

    INTO? IT

  9. why remove anything? why not just make the? list longer?

  10. Daniel Flemming

    Frenzy and Psycho are my two favs. :)?

  11. Ive only seen 5 Hitchcock films (by coincidence the top 5 of this list) but I must say my favorites are Rear Window and Strangers on a Train, with Vertigo just barely falling short. I must say though I think Pyscho is kinda overrated, but still good, and North? by Northwest is definitely my least favorite (not saying its bad, just couldn’t get into it)

  12. Because? of you I just watched “Shadow of a Doubt” and, I had only seen “Psycho”, but now I got to see them all! :D
    Thanks Grace! ^^,

  13. Nice work, Grace! While I do not submit that Hitch is THE greatest director, he’s been my favourite for over 30 years. Age 14, lights out, doors locked, home alone (it was the 80′s), under my parents’ afghan…I saw Psycho for the first time. Hooked. Before that I? had only seen “A.H. Presents,” which I loved.

    I agree with all of the picks, but I prefer the orig “Man Who Knew.”

    I would have liked list to show:
    Blackmail (first British Talkie)
    39 Steps
    …but WHAT to REMOVE??

  14. you should? do a top ten list of your favourite films of all time!

  15. Despite what Hitchcock thought, I MUCH prefer the original version of? Man Who Knew Too Much. It wasn’t as slick or cloyingly cutesy as the remake, the wife and kid (a teenage girl in the original) characters weren’t the bland annoyances who exist only to be kidnapped? like in the remake, but were strong and proactive on their own, and Peter Lorre was a much stronger villain.

  16. Chill, its her own opinion, I personally love Vertigo and North By Northwest but she wasn’t stating a fact, she gave her honest opinion and even? said that people should see them anyway. Plus she gave her reasons why, did you listen to them?

  17. aidenmccloskey

    My top 5 list:

    #1? Psycho
    #2 Read Window
    #3 North By Northwest
    #4 The Birds
    #5 Vertigo

  18. aidenmccloskey

    You disliked North By Northwest? and Vertigo? Alright, you’ve completely lost my respect. Please stop making lists. :(

  19. aidenmccloskey

    North By Northwest should have been placed higher.?

  20. aidenmccloskey

    Alfred Hitchcock was the best director, writer and filmmaker of his time. Nobody can? match him. He made some of the best movies of all time.

  21. thanks for the in-depth look into these movies Grace,? they were very helpful

  22. OMG, Grace, how can you not include Dial M for Murder in a Hitchcock Top 10? Aside from Rear Window, well, and Psycho, and also The Birds, it is my favourite Hitchcock movie!!!?

  23. Joe E Dangerously


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