How to Choose a Great Beer for Entertaining Outdoors, with Dave McLean | Pottery Barn

Your outdoor entertainment party can be a real hit if you pick your beer carefully. In this Pottery Barn video, Dave McLean, Brewmaster and Founder Magnolia Brewing, shares a few tips on how to choose beer for entertaining outdoors. According to McLean, the choice of beer for entertaining guests depends on the party menu. For outdoor parties that mainly serve seafood, McLain suggests choosing German style golden ale beer that tastes best with lobsters and other sea delicacies. Another popular beer choice for outdoor entertainment is the craft beer. According to McClain this beer has a refreshing flavor to it and can go with sea foods and a whole other range of other cuisines too. Another important tip on how to choose beer for the party is to select your beer glasses and mugs carefully. McLain recommends beer gasses and mugs from the Pottery Barn collection to add style to your outdoor fun. To explore further, you can visit our website Check out the Pub Beer Mug at Shop for Bella Beer Mugs at Learn more about Casa Mini Beer Mugs at

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