Let’s Play New Vegas Ep. 47: Outdoor Entertainment Bonanza

Finklebrotten enjoys some street comedy and has a seizure due to light bloom. Later, he finds Benny at the Tops Casino but has problems acquiring the Platinum Chip.

8 Responses to Let’s Play New Vegas Ep. 47: Outdoor Entertainment Bonanza

  1. iCatalystGaming

    @Deathtollpictures … Would YOU wanna be a gay guy, and thus your perfect sexuality-bbased companion is Arcade, or be a lesbian girl and your best sexuality-based companions be Cass or Veronica? :D

  2. Deathtollpictures

    @iCatalystGaming and a MAle courier can be gay.

  3. iCatalystGaming

    @Deathtollpictures He calls you Baby whether you’re male or female. That’s a common occurance in 1950s settings and in most African-Americans. I know this because I have yet to play New Vegas a guy.

    ….. I like the fact that the female Courier can be a Lesbian, okay? >_>

  4. @Deathtollpictures He was only saying to be polite. He really loves me.

  5. Deathtollpictures

    And I thought I was the only male who got called Baby by Benny.

  6. Ha. Ha ha ha. Hahahahahah. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAAAAA

  7. theres a snowglobe in the cocktail lounge, the girl robot gives you $2000 per globe.

  8. ur just great

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