My Baby Boy

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25 Responses to My Baby Boy

  1. Why??

  2. i call my husband daddy, this movie put an end to that.

  3. Lol, oh yeah it? is interesting

  4. Worth watching for the? opening scene alone

  5. Do not tell me you did? not enjoy watching this movie

  6. Stupid movie…..?

  7. Lol?

  8. oh it´s so cool thumbs up, please check out my funny Channel,thanks!
    greetings ? from Germany+++love your style!

  9. now? that’s funny. kmsl

  10. Ok, you guys are boring me to death and if I was already dead then you would be boring me back? to death. kmsl

  11. lmfaoo? dis movie is rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! assin i even tried slf i watched it for 15 mins without breakin my laptop nd mercy Johnson for crist sake work on dt ur fake ass accent cuz is horrible nd idk why all Nigerian actors & actresses always hve sum fake accent why cnt dey speak with their Nigerian accent??? jeez!

  12. Nonofyour Buisness

    oh and showing sex scenes with father and daughter never? how disgusting what an outrage !

  13. Nonofyour Buisness

    American what? This movie is in no form or fashion DEPICTS America please I lived in America all my life and have? never seen men treating hookers like queens!

  14. MrWebsterdiction

    the worst acting? ever, sorry.

  15. good one

  16. They are several others available on this channel you can watch if you? don’t find this one interesting.

  17. rubbish this movie? make nosense

  18. elizabethdanger1

    nice ideas for the movie…but trying too hard to seem ‘american’ ruined it?

  19. The incest in this movie is sickening! uggghhh!?

  20. She was like? no godie

  21. ShervanOnlineCom

    i like mercy johnson bu i HATE the way she speaks? sometimes..she be changing up her accentt i cant understand her sometimes its not too clear :-(

  22. The man in the car messed his swagg up with the hat an the d? an g sunglasses

  23. Yes, more? awaits you at

  24. this? was good

  25. More are coming your way? soon, just stick around and don’t go anywhere. Remain blessed too.

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