Richard Roeper’s Reviews – Best Movies of 2010

Richard Roeper gives his 10 best movies of 2010

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  1. @reviewingchildren Ahm, what seems to be the problem there sir?

  2. @royalsteven While I do agree with you on some level you can’t say all Hollywood movies are crap. Btw, it’s not Cida de deus it’s Cidade de deus, and maybe people would know which movies you’re talking about if you wrote their english titles. If you had said, City of God, I would assume more people would know what you’re talking about. Pretentious much? Another thing, there’s no point in arguing with someone who would write “shut up dumbfuck only American, and England produce good movies”.

  3. CuriousGeorgeMonkey9

    I cried during “The King’s Speech” and “Somewhere”.

  4. A lot of the best movies (today) get made in Asia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and Sweden. I think it´s safe to say foreign movies are equally as good and maybe better in some cases.

  5. Haha ok. So you ever heard of Cida De Deus, Die Blechtrommel, Soldier Of Orange, Black Book, La Vita E Bella,
    The Brotherhood Of War, Der Untergang, Aaltra, M, Good Bad Ugly, Un Long Dimanche, Amarcord…eum eum I could go on and on, are all bad movies? Have you seen many? You know a lot of American movies is influened by foreign movies, scripts and such? While no one really likes the fakeness of Hollywoof.

  6. JamaicanBoy41

    @royalsteven shut up dumbfuck only American, and England produce good movies

  7. i just didnt like The Town i dozed off watching this. maybe check it out again.

  8. i saw 127 hours 1-3 times

  9. i agree True grit is good!! saw it 3 times.

  10. @clashrogers
    If development is to copy movies and old ideas has been consumed, I’m not with it

  11. @clashrogers If development is to copy movies and old ideas has been consumed, I’m not with them

  12. @azzozzzz You got no taste in development

  13. TOWN is such a stupid

  14. Movies are getting shittier by the year. And what about foreign independent movies? No list is complete without it. Americans really think films are only made in USA and England an in Hollywood??!!!

  15. I agree with inception, but wat about “Conviction” , Faster, unstoppable and hereafter????


  17. @chevypillow247 then you have no taste or appreciation for extremely clever dialogue

  18. I haven’t seen the some of the films on this list so I can’t be sure, but Social Network was definitely the best film I saw in 2010

  19. @tonimatasnim actually, it’s part of the ’10s decade, so you can’t really say that now

  20. reviewingchildren


  21. @mountain462 watch porn, its better

  22. I agree inception #1 movie @2010

  23. The Inception is so the number 1 film of the decade. Co-winner of that honor with Return of the King.

  24. Naruto1ownsSasuke

    127 hours is a freaking good movie go watch it

  25. Naruto1ownsSasuke

    @chevypillow247 dude my comment isnt response to dis movie it is responds to the guy who is bad mouthing transformers

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