Rihanna – What’s My Name [Live at V Festival 2011]

Rihanna performing What’s My Name at V Festival 2011

23 Responses to Rihanna – What’s My Name [Live at V Festival 2011]

  1. popcrush(.)com/best-fan-base-r­­eaders-poll/ VOTE?? PLEASE? Spread? this RIHANNANAVY!

  2. Hm… You MUST have went LOOKING for her name, because B E Y O N C E’s name hasn’t been mentioned AT ALL in any recent comments. I watch this performance ALL THE TIME and haven’t seen her name. You just wanted to mention her name and start trouble, YOU have like, the ONLY recent. Beyoncé comment, so YOU? are telling yourself to shut the fuck up… Ignorant.

  3. This? is amazing,i love her!

  4. loving how Rihanna? is proud of her roots <3

  5. Que sexy *_*?

  6. LukeRobertJacobs

    I? wish I could dance like her. D:

  7. People do me the favor of shutting THE FUCK UP about beyonce? this a rihanna performance bounces bitches

  8. show them that Caribbean Wine RI RI i? love it!!!!!!!!!

  9. rihannaloudtouroslo

    Lol, press 8 many times :D Love you? Riri!

  10. TeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmoTeAmo!?

  11. Davrick Ramirez

    what the!!!! i really love the way perform on stage! even if shes tall,? her moves is not ackward to look at.. i love rihanna

  12. Natrell Primas

    I love rihanna and all, but she’s a freak? hands down.

  13. AWW she looks? soo HAPPY and FLAWLESS. The closest thing to perfect interms of humans

  14. SimonOlivaresB

    so? sexy!

  15. i wish i was there :p?

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  17. DACNewsNetwork

    YAAAAAAAAS!!!! Rihanna RARELY gives me what I? need, but this was on point! Especially the band!

  18. Singing is not only about voice; it’s also about the prhrasing, phrazing, rythm beat…which differentiate the really good ones from the? so so..like Frank Sinatra had it, Rihanna also have it!

  19. Im In Love With Her…And Her LEGS? :D

  20. Co-Sign? <3

  21. sarahjanekennedy1991

    she is? fucking flawless i love her!!

  22. ok? this is not dancing!

  23. luquisharenaywilliam

    Rihanna do it like a pro, she kill every show she do give us entertainment all the? time love ri ri

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