Sasquatch music festival 2009 – Guy starts dance party

25 Responses to Sasquatch music festival 2009 – Guy starts dance party

  1. hahaha, thats so funny

  2. ????????!!!!!!


  4. well he got to be unstoppable

  5. wooow, that’s freaking awsome!!!

  6. @Kaniki80 That’s such an unexpected idea… you’re totally right tho.

  7. thats fuckn hilarious

  8. haha, didnt work.
    its cooler with the music it already has

  9. Sooooo amazing

  10. Kaniki80

    I did what you said! Yeah, it REALLY brought tears to my eyes and at the same time a big smile to my face too! Thank you!

    And this guy in the video… here in Brazil we call him “The King of the Free Spirit”! He just picked up everybody not even knowing he was doing it! Amazing!

  11. YESS!!!!!!

  12. move your body no matter what


  14. Hot Dance xD

  15. Listen up everybody, open this video and put it on mute. Meanwhile open up a fresh youtube page and play Mobys My Weakness. I swear to god it will bring tears to your eyes.

  16. easily coerced

  17. @ Graduate Chunk1 I think it’s clearly called unstoppable

  18. that was too sick

  19. LOL guy at 2:16

  20. stumble win

  21. siik! :D

  22. haha that is so funny!

  23. this is crazy!

  24. THAT IS HOT !

  25. EPIC WIN

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