The Daily Brief – Girls Like To Have Sext, Superhero Movies – 7.25.11

Today on The Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: Inmate Sues: Sexting: Check out yesterday’s Daily Brief: ?

22 Responses to The Daily Brief – Girls Like To Have Sext, Superhero Movies – 7.25.11

  1. I’m no longer? fasting lol :D

  2. lol 0:41 ?

  3. askmen must have a lot of money cuz they hire all these gorgeous women despite? the shit views

  4. @abhiginimav I know about it. But it’s just not the? same experience as watching a 90 minute long movie,

  5. @pauliux11 they have, in the form of web episodes. search mortal kombat legacy?

  6. @Q3hero they did, but in? the previous video

  7. im getting fed up of comin book movies. its just one way writers can? slack off with originals.

  8. hey, you were suppose to acknowlegde my “potatoes” from your last video.. :(?

  9. i think the batman movie will be the? best

  10. They should make a new mortal kombat movie.?

  11. Matching shirts?? Really?

  12. My favorite hero is Rebeca with her ability smile and be nice?

  13. thebigboss1212

    I saw Naomi earlier? today on IGN’s daily fix >_>

  14. hey guys! love this show, but when, and? if, will naomi come back? she was hilarious!

  15. Blackstuff1991

    You guys are better than IGN, you actually? have something to show!

  16. I? think the spiderman reboot will flop it’s way too soon to reboot the series

  17. My favorite superhero? is Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number SLevin

  18. Avengers will flop. I hope it? won’t but I have a feeling it will.

  19. act. Hulk was the best one, it wasn’t only? about explosions…

  20. 2 green superheroes sucked..

    green lantern and first hulk…?


  22. I dont recall subscribing to this? channel?

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