The Hunt For Gollum – Full Movie

Award winning unofficial prequel to The Lord Of The Rings dramatising Aragorn & Gandalf’s long search for Gollum directed by British filmmaker Chris Bouchard. Based faithfully on the appendices of the books this is a non-profit, serious homage to the writing of JRR Tolkien and the films of Peter Jackson. It was shot on locations in England and Snowdonia with a team of over a hundred people working over the Internet. It took two years to make and was released as a non-profit Internet-only video by agreement with Tolkien Enterprizes. This Youtube version is slightly extended with 1 scene added back in.

24 Responses to The Hunt For Gollum – Full Movie

  1. Actually, this is probably more canon than PJ’s movies (which I love, btw). Gandalf found Gollum first, actually Aragorn does, and Gandalf questions him. Saruman never has? him – it’s Sauron you’re thinking of. Also, they’re called Nagul, not Nazreth.

  2. Gollllluuummm why did they? do that final scene, so fake

  3. And look! Aragorn is on drugs!?

  4. That? gandalf just doesnt look any bit like the true one

  5. LOTR -3 If? you came here don’t troll. Watch the fucking movie and be good. Why would you watch this if you aren’t a fan of LOTR? God damn…

  6. Cheap? shizz

  7. I thought that Gandalf was unable to find Gollum, and Saroman picked him up first? That’s how the Nazreth knew to go? to the shire in the first place. Of course this is just a fan film, it doesn’t have to be canon.

  8. Good fan film. The actor who plays Gandulf in this works @ my local 7-11. Ironically? he mysteriously came out of the West from the Greyhound bus stop.

  9. I totally enjoyed this! I also watched Born of Hope and it’s good. Congratulations to the director, cast and crew. Next time I? watch the trilogy, I’ll include these prequels along with the Hobbit in the LOTR marathon.

  10. grossepointemichigan

    …said? the “psychic.”

  11. itmust be Frodo who? liked your comment 7 times

  12. crocodilewrestler

    I think the comment about going to hell? was an ironic comment rather than a serious one

  13. kingvego their is another to.. ”Born of Hope” done buy the same peps i think? that’s another good? watch :)

  14. Well if the person says the bibel is a lie, it’s not to? bright to send him to hell since im sure he dosent belive in hell either…

  15. 6x6ThrashFantasy6x6

    Aragorn is? stoned

  16. I am quite impressed by this fan film. What amazes me is how? i never seen it until today.

  17. Cutecatinminecraft

    Did I? hear gollum say sexest

  18. Cutecatinminecraft

    Bible? is a big fucking lie

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  20. Guauuu¡¡¡¡ es? muy buena en escenarios.

  21. hitchhikingdagalaxy

    that was great

  22. I love golem in a sack?

  23. It was? made really well good stuff

  24. Very well done, I really enjoyed it.
    I only wish it was longer!
    And for the haters if they really like LOTR lore etc they would appreciate anything that compliments it…?

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