The Legend of Seven Cutter – watch MORE free movies on http Republic of Korea (2006) Hansoo Jung encounters misunderstanding events wherever he goes, because his name is the same as the school gang captain’s. As usual, his first day after transfer became hectic due to the principal and the students fearing and avoiding him, but there are students that want to match their skills with his – the former school captain, Sung Ki Baek, girls’ captain with a strong charisma, Minjoo Han, and a teacher who was the captain in the early 80s. However, he has an unrevealed talent that no one knows of. He escapes by handing over his money to the former captain and bursts into tears when confessing his love to the girls’ captain. Also, an absurd situation occurs with a teacher! KOREAN with English subtitles!

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  1. DaveTheSamurai


  2. TeriyakiShogun

    Is it me or do they act like the? Japanese in Japanese movies/shows… GTO is a perfect example.

  3. TheNateWalking

    Weird,? I reload and then the captions appear.

  4. TheNateWalking

    What happened to the Captions? button? It’s gone.

  5. Yoo eun hye! love? her!

  6. nice movie


  7. nice

  8. man this is some? good sh#t!!! very funny :)

  9. TeriyakiShogun

    good movie, funny?

  10. akosibrumbrum

    :D So Very Funny :) i?it :))
    @ViewersTv : Can you Upload More? Korean Movies ? :))

  11. Lolz funny? one love it! …good example of recycle stuffs 0:19:15

  12. The fire scene gets me every time. I loved this? film, since the first time I seen it.

  13. athenalibra22

    lmao loved it!!?

  14. when you google for top list movies, how come we dont get these movies on top there somewhere? it’s always american movies that aint really that funny, I mean sure some are but this? wow. just wow. very funny.?

  15. Tagalogkhmerboi

    One of the? best movie i seen in a long long time

  16. velazquez7245

    ive njoyed? it..
    really nice movie.

  17. Hahaha Hirilous ;) I love? this movie <3 :D

  18. wew.. this movie is so funny LOL :D? LIKE!

  19. tacticalunit008

    @rdogra853 Now that means you? are just a very shallow person. Go suffocate on them.

  20. @FluffyWasp1 It does! click the “CC” button on? the bottum of the screen for subs :)

  21. shit cannot? download this movie..

  22. MultiStephanie13

    ok? de chli tintefisch weti nömme esse hihi

  23. there watching internal affairs? lol great movie in a movie

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